Jinko Solar Panels - Prices, Specifications, Dimensions, Warranties & Datasheets

Jinko Solar Panel Information

JinkoSolar is a leading solar panel manufacturer with a capacity of over 1.5 GW and complete production to sales chain. JinkoSolar employs over 10,000 staff across the globe specialising in design, logistics, sales and customer support

12F, East Hope Plaza
No.1777 Century Avenue
Shanghai 200122
China, Italy, Germany, USA,

Jinko Solar Panel Specifications

Efficiency Wattage Workmanship 80% Efficiency
Jinko JKM-230P 230W Solar Panel Datasheet 14.05% 230W 5 years 25 years
Jinko JKM-235P 235W Solar Panel Datasheet 14.36% 235W 5 years 25 years
Jinko JKM-280P 280W Solar Panel Datasheet 14.43% 280W 5 years 25 years