Samsung Solar Panels - Prices, Specifications, Dimensions, Warranties & Datasheets

Samsung Solar Panel Information

Samsung began work on solar photovoltaics in 1987 seeking to design and manufacture high quality, efficient panels suitable for generating reliable energy for home and business use. In 2010 Samsung announced an investment of $5.5m in photovoltaic technology and distribute their panels across the globe

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Samsung Solar Panel Specifications

Efficiency Wattage Workmanship 80% Efficiency
Samsung LPC235SM 235W Solar Panel Datasheet 14.68% 235W 5 years 25 years
Samsung LPC238SM 238W Solar Panel Datasheet 14.87% 238W 5 years 25 years
Samsung LPC241SM 241W Solar Panel Datasheet 15.06% 241W 5 years 25 years
Samsung LPC244SM 244W Solar Panel Datasheet 15.24% 244W 5 years 25 years
Samsung LPC247SM 247W Solar Panel Datasheet 15.43% 247W 5 years 25 years
Samsung LPC250SM 250W Solar Panel Datasheet 15.62% 250W 5 years 25 years