Yingli Solar Panels - Prices, Specifications, Dimensions, Warranties & Datasheets

Yingli Solar Panel Information

Yingli Solar are a leading vertically integrated PV photovoltaic Solar Panel manufacturer based in China. Yingli Green Energy employs over 11,000 staff and operates from over 10 subsidiaries and branch offices worldwide. Yingli have over 2 GW of solar modules installed in commercial, residential, investment and community projects around the globe.

Yingli Green Energy Holding Co., Ltd
3399 North Chaoyang Avenue
Baoding 071051
Germany, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Belgium, France, China and USA
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Yingli Solar Panel Specifications

Efficiency Wattage Workmanship 80% Efficiency
Yingli YL165P-23b 165W Solar Panel Datasheet 12.7% 165W 5 years 25 years
Yingli YL170P-23b 170W Solar Panel Datasheet 13.1% 170W 5 years 25 years
Yingli YL175P-23b 175W Solar Panel Datasheet 13.5% 175W 5 years 25 years
Yingli YL180P-23b 180W Solar Panel Datasheet 13.9% 180W 5 years 25 years
Yingli YL185P-23b 185W Solar Panel Datasheet 14.3% 185W 5 years 25 years
Yingli YL190P-26b 190W Solar Panel Datasheet 12.8% 190W 5 years 25 years
Yingli YL195P-26b 195W Solar Panel Datasheet 13.2% 195W 5 years 25 years
Yingli YL200P-26b 200W Solar Panel Datasheet 13.5% 200W 5 years 25 years
Yingli YL205P-26b 205W Solar Panel Datasheet 13.9% 205W 5 years 25 years
Yingli YL210P-26b 210W Solar Panel Datasheet 14.2% 210W 5 years 25 years